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La Bontá di Fiesole


We are off to check on the olive groves after an absence of almost two years. Because of tat, we’ve taken down the availability of oil on the STORE page for the time being. We do still have lots of oil in the warehouse, though, so La Bontà di Fiesole will be available again come September. In the meantime, we wish all of you a healthy and happy summer.

Best wishes,
George and Spencer
[Posted July 14th 2021]


After a long wait (due an almost non-existent yield in 2019 and the economic paralysis caused by the covid-19 epidemic in 2020), we are delighted to say that we now have olive oil from last November’s excellent harvest available here on our website.

The recent harvest was both abundant and of very high quality, and the oil obtained is a fresh-tasting and aromatic as we can remember. One reason for this may be the difference in the press we are using. The olive press we patronized for years changed management, perhaps not for the better, and we have transferred our business to a press that is literally within walking distance of our farm. The close proximity means that the harvested olives can get there very soon after they are picked, and the result is a truly spectacular olive oil.

As so often, we will be traveling back and forth to check on the trees, and if the travel restrictions of our moment allow, we plan to go to Fiesole several times in the coming months. That being the case, this website will be active on an on-again/off-again basis, so get your orders in while you can!

All best,
Spencer and George
[Posted June 16th, 2021]