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La Bontá di Fiesole



We are soon to travel to Fiesole to check on this year’s flowering of the olive trees, which we hope will be much better than last year’s.  Last year’s harvest was very small, but we will be getting in a few cases at the end of June.  We’ll restore case availability on the STORE page of the website when we return and when the oil comes in, and we wish all of you many good things in the meantime.

Best wishes,

Spencer and George

[Posted May 12th, 2024]



Alas, the 2023 growing season was extremely difficult, and our farm produced very little oil.  We do intend to bring in a small shipment–very small–and because the quantity is tiny, it will come in by air via UPS international rather than by ocean freight.  Together with the fact that we have a fixed overhead that will be distributed over fewer cases of oil, the cost of air freight means that the cases we plan to bring in may be more expensive (TBD).  Fortunately we do have a few cases of the previous harvest left in our warehouse.  It’s still in excellent shape, and it’s still the same price.


Best wishes,

Spencer and George

[Posted: March 15th, 2024]




We are making a mid-winter visit to the olive farm, so we have eliminated product availability from our STORE page during our absence.  We do have a few cases left in inventory, and we’ll make them available upon our return.  It is not certain, alas, that we will be able to bring in a shipment of oil this spring, because we hear that the November harvest was very small indeed.  We’ll know more when we see the situation first-hand and talk to people in person.   Fingers crossed.

Best wishes,

Spencer and George

[Posted: January 21st, 2024]

On our recent trip to view the olive groves, we found that it has been a difficult growing season. The spring was exceptionally rainy and cool, with the result that the flowering was both late and insufficient. In fact it rained so much during the flowering that the trees had trouble cross-pollinating, so that less fruit set than usual. After that, temperatures suddenly shot up, and it became very hot, which further stressed the trees. To make matters worse, the weather conditions currently favor the dacus fly–the mosca bianca–which attacks olives. All in all, it’s been a tough year, and the harvest this fall will certainly be a small one. Just how small, we’ll see.

In the meantime, however, we do have olive oil available here in the States, and we have opened up availability again on our website STORE page. We urge you to get such oil as you need now, while supplies last.

All best,
Spencer and George

[Posted: August 13th, 2023]