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La Bontá di Fiesole


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The 2015 olive harvest at our Fiesole farm was one of the best we’ve ever had in terms of quality, and our spring shipment has just arrived. At less than 2% total acidity, the acid levels are the second lowest in thirty years. In terms of quantity, the harvest was good but not abundant: we’ve got enough to service our customers. Regardless we’re happy the oil is so good, and we’re relieved a harvest happened at all, because the previous year was a washout.

As many of you will have read or heard, the 2014 harvest in Italy was so poor that there was simply no Tuscan olive oil available. (I say the harvest was a washout, and water is why: it rained non-stop all through 2014, summer included,and olive trees are dry weather plants that don’t like too much precipitation.) Our groves produced virtually no fruit that year, and we imported absolutely no oil, but many other producers were not so conscientious, and cheating was widespread. A lot of “Tuscan” olive oil theoretically produced in 2014 was in fact sourced in other places: in Africa, in Spain, in Greece, etc. One of the reasons to order our La Bontà di Fiesole extra virgin olive oil in any year is that it’s made from olives grown on our own farm, so we know it’s the real thing.

We’ve posted availability on the store page of our website, but the website will only be active for a couple of weeks. Then we’ll be going over to check on this summer’s flowering and fruit, and we’ll close availability until late in the summer. We’ll put it back up when we return Stateside, though, so if you can’t find the oil you want now, either leave us an email on the contact page or check back in with us come mid-August.

We thank you for your patience–the olive trees do as the can and will, and we can only press what fruit they produce–and we are grateful for your loyalty and enthusiasm.

All best wishes,
Spencer and George
[Posted May 26th, 2016]

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