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La Bontá di Fiesole

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La Bontà di Fiesole

Here is the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Italy! This is your site for fine artisan-quality extra virgin olive oil, grown, pressed and bottled in Tuscany. La Bontà di Fiesole means “The Goodness of Fiesole”–Fiesole is an ancient town lying just outside of Florence, Italy–and this delicious gourmet extra virgin olive oil is made the old-fashioned way, using entirely traditional methods.

Taken from the first cold pressing and left unfiltered in order to preserve its full body, La Bontà di Fiesole extra virgin olive oil is painstakingly produced in tiny quantities from olive varieties native to Tuscany: the frantoio, the morellino, the pendolino, the morchiaiolo, the leccino. Our olive groves are centuries old, and our trees are hand-cultivated on steep slopes in the foothills of the central Italian Appenines.

This boutique extra virgin olive oil has what lovers of highest quality Italian olive oil are looking for: an intense aroma, a rich green color with glints of gold, a luscious body, a piquant flavor. Creamy in the front of the mouth and spicy as you swallow, La Bontà di Fiesole is Tuscan in style, the kind of great tasting and intensely fragrant extra virgin olive oil that is famous around the world.

La Bontà di Fiesole extra virgin olive oil is a premium product that sells in specialty food shops for premium prices. Now you can buy this exquisite extra virgin olive oil at way under retail by shopping direct from us online. Purchase or browse from our safe and secure site. Just click here for our online store, or click here to learn more about our delicious imported Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

La Bontà di Fiesole– it means “The Goodness of Fiesole”–is a gourmet treat that is yours to buy now.